Blax Coffee Story

The idea for Blax Coffee began inside a small shopping center, in the suburb of Doncaster, Melbourne. We noticed people struggled to find a place that served premium specialty coffee that meets their high expectations. Then it struck them: if they were searching for a place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, then there were plenty of others out there doing the same. As such, Doncaster Shopping Centre held witness to the birth of the very first Blax Coffee.

The idea was simple, bring premium grade specialty coffee into the shopping center where there was a huge hole in the market. Affordable coffee at a competitive price meant that the first Blax Coffee was off to a successful start. Following soon after came Blax Coffee Corio, Blax Coffee Leopold, Kew, and Melton. All in the space of 12 months.

So when people ask “Where shall we meet?” and the answer is “Blax Coffee”, it’s no coincidence.